Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Jayden woke today and said to me, "mum, my headache has gone !"
Music to my ears. After days of telling me his head hurt I was so relieved to hear him say it wasn't anymore.
I decided not to take him to Kindy today as he is still very congested and has an awful cough.

I'm glad I did as I had a truly beautiful day at home with him. He's such beautiful company, I just love him so much.

Today when I was trying to reach things from the top of his wardrobe he went an bought in a little stool for me to stand on. " use this mum", he says. "Will make it easier ". So thoughtful. Just gorgeous.

It's late and I've found myself so anxious it's driving me nuts. Felt a panic attack coming on whilst watching an advert on TV and just new it was going to be a late one for me.

I'm so tired now though that I need to sleep. Just wanted to jot this all down quickly.

Little man is snoring lightly. Looking forward to snuggling up to him.

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