Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The last couple of weeks

Another couple of weeks have passed and I haven't made an entry. But mainly because in doing so it would take my time away from my kids and for some reason most nights I've been so exhausted I'm been in bed early with the kids.
Not sure if it's stress or emotional exhaustion but I feel tired a LOT lately.

Anyway, enough about me and back to Jayden. He's been great. He's finally shaken his dreadful cold but still has a cough yet never letting it get the better of him. Little champ.

We are currently on our way to the hospital to see Jayden's oncologist to get the final report from his MRI and even though he's told us it's clear, I can't help but feel extremely anxious about the report and all the finer details. That may be why I had a panic attack this morning and feel so crazily wired today.

Jayden of course is sitting happily in the back of the car talking to himself and playing an imaginary game. Love his ability to keep himself so amused. We are going a different way to the hospital today as he now gets very anxious when he sees the streets he is familiar with that we go down towards the hospital. Also we can get a coffee this way so that's a bonus. Not that I need to be anymore wired!

The last couple of weeks have been good. Sad to see kids go back to school but happy they are all well and happy. Jayden didn't go back to Kindy the first week as he hasn't been well but Monday this week he did and had a blast of course. Love the Kindy teachers there, they are so kind and very, very special people.

We have been spending as much time as possible together as always and enjoying every moment. Here's some pics of my little man having fun with a soccer ball at the park the other day ...

And us in the morning.....
Always the first to get up!

And yesterday at scitech...

And his brother and him playing the other night under the covers...

Jayden truly makes the most of everyday and like all children, lives in the moment. That's definitely difficult to do as an adult and although I'm trying to, the thoughts of the future still cloud my mind.

We are now at PMH waiting to see Jayden's oncologist. Feeling extremely anxious.

In doctor nicks office.

We are now on our way home and have had Jayden's appointment with Dr Nick. Everything was fine with MRI.
Hoping and praying it continues to be that way, always.

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