Thursday, 17 July 2014

What began as a shocking start to this week with my anxiety and worry about Jayden's approaching
MRI and our family dog Lucy eating rat bait, has wonderfully ended on a high note.

Jayden's scan looks good which is such a relief that words alone truly can't explain that elation. He was so very brave as well. When I talked to him the night before about it he wAs really worried. In the past he's been concerned but this time he was really worried. He was especially concerned about the "mask" and cried himself to sleep pleading with me for him not to go. I was not prepared for that at all as previously he didn't mention much about it. I tried to console him and my heart broke knowing that he has no choice. Poor little mite. I so wish we had our old life back where he was the normal little boy he use to be, with no worries. I will always wish for that.

on The day of the scan we all woke early as we had to be at the hospital for 6:45 am. Jayden luckily remained asleep while the rest of us busily got ready. When it was time to go I quietly woke him up, scooped him in my arms and we all piled in the car. Fortunately the kids distracted him on the journey there but once we arrived he started stressing and asking to go home.

We were lucky to have an exceptionally wonderful anaesthetist who I explained to that Jayden was really stressing about the mask. She told me she completely understood as when she was a child she had several procedures and the mask experience wAs so scarey for her that she never forgot it. Terrible. So she suggested just resting the end of the gas pipe near his face. So thats what we did. Talking him through the process, Jayden was so good. So brave. He never cried, first time. He just snuggled in to me and went to sleep. That moments always makes me heart break. I hate doing this to him and always will, but this was definitely the best one we have done.

And then the wait....

Hate that time where I wait to see my little man again and stress like mad about hearing the results.

An hour or so later we got the call that he was out. We made our way to the waiting room where we waited to be told he was awake and I could see him.

While we waited the anesthetist came in to tell me his oxygen levels dropped shortly after he went under and again at the end. She was concerned about his cold as well as in the MRI it showed a lot of congestion in his sinuses and loads of green mucus game out of his lungs when she removed the pipe that goes down his throat. (I should no all the medical terms for all this by now but I dont).
Anyway she made a record of the oxygen dropping incidents.Scarey, but apparently not uncommon.

When I was finally able to see him he was coughing and spluttering and not happy at all. The desperate need to scoop him up and make it all better is overwhelming and I couldn't get to him quick enough. Hugging him so tight and holding back the urge to cry. I hate seeing him upset in anyway at all. And wishing he didn't have to do any of this. That wish will never go away.

Then the wait for results....

Later we were told the scan looks clear. Yah! So relieved, words just can't explain how relieved we all were and are. Like a massive breathe of air I feel like I've been holding in for months just got blown out. And the tightness in my chest no longer so painful. Biggest relief ever.

Hugging all my kids and so very grateful for each and everyone of them. Today is a happy happy day.


Lucy our dog finally turned a corner yesterday and has stop urinating blood clots. She's also barking again and her sprightly self. So happy to see her well again.

A brilliant and wonderful end to this week. So happy all my family are well, couldn't ask for more.

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