Monday, 6 October 2014

Chickens and being scared

The highlight for today was getting the kids chickens. Wasn't originally our plan as danny was making a pen for Layla's male guinea pigs but once he finished it it looked so much like a chook pen that we thought, let's get chooks! The kids were so excited and today we picked them up.

Jayden named his Penny, Layla's is Mary and Luke's is Buns. So cute.
They are now happy in their new big home and we all can't wait until we get our first egg!!!!!

The rest of the day was spent with my beautiful friend and her awesome kids. Everyone had fun and now I'm laying next to my little man as he sleeps.

I'm thinking of the conversation we had at his bath time today and of many others. He makes me smile everyday and truly warms my heart . He really is so very special and I love him so very dearly, all my kids.

This is how that conversation went...

I was washing Jayden's hair in the bath and i thought of my mum and I said to him. " I use to love it when I was a little girl and my mum washed my hair".
He said "when you were little like me'
"Yes" I said
"And did you go to sleep with your mummy"
"No I had to sleep in my own bed" I said.
A look of concern came over his face.
" that must have been scarey " he said . Were you scared ? " he asked
"A little bit " I said

He replied. "I wish I had of been there mum . Then you wouldn't have been scared ",

I love my little man so much, and he's right . I'm not scared when he's with me, only of the thought of him not.

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