Friday, 17 October 2014

MRI looks good

I am so very grateful to be writing thAt Jayden's MRI "looks good". Of course we have to wait to see the final report next Thursday.

The feeling of relief that comes with those words is like no other. I tried not to get too excited as we haven't seen the final report yet. But once we were told it looks ok, I felt the silence in my brain and The feeling that my head had stopped spinning. For now.

It's hard to explain the all consuming emotions of this journey and when you get a moment of relief from them, you really feel it. I know it won't last but when it happens I am so damn grateful, beyond words, grateful.

When we woke that morning everyone got organised and piled in the car. Working together like An efficient team that has done this so many times before.

We arrived on time and the kids went immediately to the play area in the waiting room and entertained each other. It was so good to have us together.

Shortly after arriving Jayden was called up to see the nurse and we all followed.
The kids jollied Jayden along as he had his weight, blood pressure and temperature taken. They really were beautiful to each other.

We then returned to the waiting room and waited some more. But the kids were so happy entertaining themselves and it was nice to watch them together. There was that definite feeling of support for one another. they were clearly there for each other.

Jayden was then called up into MRI and we followed the nurse into the waiting room there. A quick run down by the nurse and MRI person, more forms to sign then Jayden and I went into the next room where he was aneasthatised.

They didn't use the mask but he was still freaked out by the hose but not as bad as previously. It was all still crap and I hate putting him through this but he was brave and he did it.

I left after he went off to sleep. I hate leaving my little man behind. Awful, awful feeling.

The four of us then found a place to have a quick bite to eat and drink as all of us had fasted with Jayden.

Layla and Luke were wonderful. They made us laugh and were so good to each other. They never said it but I knew they were worried too and their feelings really showed through the way they were caring for each other that day. It was obvious.

We then headed back to the friendship room and waited.

It wasn't much longer before I saw my little man again and it was so emotional to have him in my arms again. A day that is loaded with intense emotion and all I wanted was him in my arms.

Everyone was happy to see him and We all headed home shortly after. So nice to be able to go home together. So very grateful to be together.

It's the next day now and that clear mind I had yesterday has gone but I know to try and focus on today. To take it day by day and to be grateful for every single one of them.

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