Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Christmas Day, and days that follow

Woke up bright an early thanks to the eager children in my house. Luke, Jayden and Layla were all awake before six and couldn't wait to see what Santa had bought them.
Best sight in the world was their smiling faces as they opened each present. This year Jayden was very aware of everything and got really into the spirit. Every present he opened came with the words "it's just what I wanted!"
There was only one brief disappointment in his voice when he realised he didn't get the crane he wanted. However he got so many other great things that he soon forgot about that.
Awesome little man. All the kids were happy, and so were we to all be together enjoying this day.
So very grateful!

We are now on our way to Danny's parents house for Christmas lunch.

Three days later......

It's Sunday night and I've just put my little man to bed. He's sound asleep and watching him sleep is truly a blessing. I just love him so very much.
"Today I'm happy but I'm always cautious with happy" is something a woman on Facebook wrote recently, and I can so relate to that.

Two days later.....

It's Tuesday and I'm feeling so emotional today. Finding myself so worried. Thinking about stuff I spend so much time trying to bury within me. So damn scared. My little man is doing well. But he slept in today, way past his normal time and instead of rejoicing in the fact that I got a sleep in, I'm worried sick.
Never stops.
Feel like I need a good cry but my bodies so use to holding it in that it's making it hard. I think I'm scared to start in fear of not being able to stop.

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