Tuesday, 3 February 2015

First Day at Kindy

Today was Jayden's first day at kindy. A day I once never thought we would see. Yes it was fraught with emotions, but emotions that I was able to keep at bay because Jayden was ready. He was ready to go to school, ready to be with his peers and ready to be away from mum. I was so proud of him. 

When we entered the kindy gates I anticipated him getting a little nervous, however after hanging up his bag he went into the classroom with me and eagerly picked some blocks out to play with. I found myself a bundle of nerves but kept that all in for him and when the bell went for the parents to go he sat on the mat with the other children and I kissed him goodbye.

I left feeling nervous but not an emotional wreck. I believe my nerves were what most women experience during this time and that the process today went off as normal as it could be. Which made me think about whats the "right thing to do" when it comes to your kids. For Jayden and I the right thing was to hold him back last year and to find a three year old kindy that would support us in the process of us both being able to let go. "Happy Campers" in Mosman Park was that kindy. It nurtured our relationship and helped the letting go process run as smoothly as possible and contributed immensely to getting Jayden and I to where we are today. I can not recommend them enough. The wonderful lady Danielle that runs it is one of the most amazing people I have ever met and i love her dearly for everything she and her beautiful workers have done for Jayden.  

So for Jayden, starting a year later at kindy made so much sense and today was proof of that. Seeing him today comparing that to a year ago is huge. The time was right today for him and me but it wasn't this time last year. Yet according to the educators that's when he should have gone. Given everything we have gone through and as a parent if I was to give other parents advice it would be this       " always go with your gut, when it comes to your child. no one else knows them better than you as their parents.  And don't let anyone, no matter who they are, tell you any different.  When it comes to your child's development it is not a race. Never is it and it shouldn't be."

Im so glad we made the decisions we did with Jayden and I'm so extremely grateful that we are seeing this day. I hope so much, that we will see so many, many more days of him growing and developing in his own time, into the beautiful little boy, then bigger boy, then awesomely wonderful man, that I know he will become.

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