Thursday, 10 September 2015

It's ok!

Jayden did so well today at his MRI! We are so proud of him that he braved it without a GA. He laid still for the entire duration apart from a few moments of being able to wiggle his feet. He even remained still while they inserted a catheter to do a contrast and to draw blood for tests. He was absolutely amazing and I'm overwhelmingly proud. I was with him the whole time holding his leg so he knew I was there.
I tried to relax but I think I was way more nervous than him and certainly majorly stressed about the results.

When he finally finished and was given an icy pole for his efforts we walked out the room to be met by the loud clapping of hands and cheering of Jaydens name by the anaesthetist and nurses that jayden would have had to look after him had he not been able to lay still for the MRI.
He was completely overwhelmed and had no idea what all the fuss was about. We then walked out into the waiting room to more cheers from danny, Layla and Luke. Awesome effort by our awesome little man. And a further well done from another anaesthetist when we walked out by which stage jayden was getting the gist that he just did a really big thing and was feeling very proud of himself.

We then all left and decided to go to kings park which was just wonderful. So nice to be together and so nice to have jayden happy and not miserable from a GA.

And the best news ever is that the MRI results appear be ok! We still have to wait for final report but what we know now is it looks ok!
Absolutely unbelievably relieved to hear that.

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