Sunday, 1 November 2015

"A flower!"

So often I've written an entry into this blog and haven't completed it and therefore it never got posted but this one I'm determined to post.
Lots has happened since I last wrote and I'm not sure where to begin so instead of doing that, I'm just going to write about a moment that happened today that I don't want to ever forget. It's one of many moments that truly captures Jaydens beautiful personality.

Today, We decided to go down to the river and have lunch at a cafe near there and then play at the park. We opted to walk and the boys scooted so it was also a bit of exercise for us all.
After lunch at the cafe we walked back and stopped at the park so that Luke, Jayden and danny could play a bit of football. Luke and Jayden are very different athletically, a lot to do with what Jayden has had to go through and also quite a bit of my athletic genes, which is zero. Luke can kick a football well and has done since he was three. Jayden on the other hand wants to, has the determination to but not quite managed it yet. And he doesn't care. I'm certain he only tries because it means doing something with his brother but deep down footy just isn't his thing, So today the three of them were kicking the ball to each other like boys do, then on his turn, Jayden picked the ball up ready to kick it when he suddenly saw a yellow flower on the ground in front of him. He shouted," oh look! A flower!". With that, he dropped the ball, bent down and picked it, then rushed it over to give to me where I was sitting watching. "That's for you mum", he says. I could here danny mumble "hope you don't do that on the footy field", with which we all laughed. We just know, this is Jayden. Beautiful sweet Jayden who would much rather pick flowers than kick a ball. Love my little man so much.

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