Monday, 7 March 2016

Ive since seen the psychologist and I'm so glad I went. the most comforting thing about seeing her is to be told I'm not crazy and everything I feel is completely normal. She also told me how important it was to listen to my anxieties and not to simply shrug them off as a problem. She said that our anxieties are telling us something and we should listen to them and trust in them.
It really helped me to feel better about not getting Jayden to do the bone density scan and to query its importance. I have since found out its not completely necessary at this point so we can go without, yah for one less thing!

Jayden still however has to do some blood tests which we are hoping to do at the same time as his next MRI so he only has to have one needle prick. He gets a canular put in for the contrast and they will then be able to draw the bloods at the same time. Makes way more sense than taking him in for a special trip.

As a parent traveling this journey I am learning everyday. I'm really glad I'm asking questions as I go and querying everything. Thats not because I want to be a nuisance but because both Danny and I truly find it hard to put Jayden through anything more and if we can avoid something being done to him then we will without a doubt. I'm learning as a parent there are choices, I now just have to learn to continue to trust my anxieties and listen to them, and to trust my gut.

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