Saturday, 25 June 2016

A beautiful man

I saw a beautiful man today that I haven't seen in years. I knew him before Jayden was diagnosed and I hadn't seen him since. He saw me today and thankfully recognised me. We had a beautiful chat and it really warmed my heart to hear that he had been reading this blog. He was so pleased to hear Jayden was doing well. 
I'm so grateful to have seen him again. He reminded me how important writing in this blog has been to me and how people like him, wanted to know how Jayden was. 

He told me he felt like part of our family and that was truly a beautiful thing to hear. I always remembered him as such a gorgeous, genuine and kind man and hoped one day I would see him again. it truly was so wonderful to see him and to also get a big hug from him. 

So I'm back writing today thanks to you, beautiful man. 
Jayden received his first ever school Merit Certificate today at his school assembly and I was so very proud. 
It was for "being a kind and friendly class member who always does his best". So very proud of my beautiful boy!

The other day he did his first edu dance concert as well and I was so overwhelmed with joy to see him up there. Oh my goodness it bought me to tears. He's not the most coordinated but he was trying so hard. I so love my little man. And I'm so very grateful to see him do this wonderful performance. 

His brother had his assembly today also which was equally awesome. It was made extra special by seeing my boys smiling at each other. Jayden just loves his older brother and so does Luke him. Very proud.
I have also finally got to the bottom of why my pictures can't be seen anymore! Apparently the app I was using closed without telling anyone and all my photos that I posted through that app are now lost. Devastated! 
Fortunately I have copies but it's sad they are no longer on this blog. 
So I'm now using a different app and hopefully they won't do the same. 
Here goes with my first post from this app. 

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