Tuesday, 23 August 2016

MRI Results

 I'm so relieved to write that we were told yesterday that Jaydens MRI looks good. We don't find out all the details until we see his oncologist next week but for now I am so relieved to be able to breathe. My little man was so brave during the procedure. He hasn't been well with the flu and missed a lot of school but is looking and feeling a whole lot better now. 
So very relieved and so very grateful. 

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Jaydens MRI

Jaydens next MRI is tomorrow and I'm terrified. He was meant to have it last Monday but he was sick with a virus so we had to postpone until tomorrow. I'm really worried as he has been complaining of a sore head and telling me it's sore at the back off his head where his scar is. I'm truly terrified.
Tonight he complained of it again and not long after going to bed he vomited. As I cleaned up his vomit and gave him reassurance everything was OK, internally I was scared out of my mind. 
I spend so much energy burying the fears down deep within me that when something like this happens it's like opening a huge bag of emotions and they come flooding out. I can feel myself trying to desperately hold on to the hope that I've been grasping so hard on all these years. I so desperately want that hope to still be there, to always be there. I'm truly so very scared. 
I want to write more but I'm numb. Scared. Really terrified. 
I hope and pray with all my heart and every inch of my being that everything will be ok. That Jaydens scan will be clear and he will be ok. I hope and pray for that.